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Privacy policy

KSS Corporation recognizes the importance of information that can be used to identify individual customers (hereafter referred to as "personal information"). KSS strictly abides by all laws protecting personal information and its own regulations on the management of personal information. In addition, KSS takes the following measures to ensure that customers can use its services with security and peace of mind.

Collection of personal information

KSS may request personal information (name, e-mail address, street address, telephone number, etc.) in connection with customer’s use of this Web site, such as when answering their inquiries, sending catalogues and other materials, and conducting questionnaires. In addition, KSS may get personal information in many situations, such as exhibition, business meeting, presentation or demonstration of KSS products, job interview, shareholders, etc.
In all such cases, KSS shall not use or disclose information without customer’s consent other than following purpose below.

  • Business or contract with customer.
  • Announcement of new product launch or exhibition.
  • Reply to customer’s inquiry.
  • Contact to customer regarding business matter.
  • Questionnaire about customer satisfaction etc.
  • Personnel management such as Job applicant information.
  • Shareholder management.
  • Other purpose with prior permission from the customer.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

KSS shall never disclose customer’s personal information to third parties other than its contractors without the express permission of the customer, except where applicable in the following cases.

  • The customer agrees to disclose.
  • Said disclosure is mandated by law, or is requested by a court, the police or a government agency.
  • The personal information is to be included in aggregate statistical data from which the customer cannot be identified.
  • Emergency cases at the risk of lives, properties, etc.

Management of personal information

KSS strictly abides by all laws protecting personal information and its own regulations on the management of personal information, and carefully manages the personal information in an appropriately secure environment, in order to prevent any leakage, tampering, loss or unauthorized use of such information. KSS also provides the necessary education and training to its employees to ensure that they handle the personal information appropriately.


To ensure that transmissions of customer’s personal information are secure, our sites used to handle inquiries and catalogue orders use SSL-encrypted communications. To use these sites, your browser must support SSL.

Inquiry about personal information

 Inquiry about personal information

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