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Corporate Information

Corporate Information

With the recent rapid development of mechatronics products, there is an ever-increasing demand for greater precision and reduced size for a wide range of mechanisms.
Since its founding in 1960, KSS has widened its manufacturing scope from a base of manufacturing technology in the ultra-precision field. Beginning with thread gauges, our product line has grown to include precision lead screws, precision miniature Ball Screws, as well as Standard Miniature Ball Screws, products that have anticipated later demand.
KSS, as one of the exclusive Miniature Ball Screw manufacturer in the world, has also been developing Unit products and systematic products that are utilized Ball Screw technology.
We will continually strive to contribute to our global community by enthusiastically committing ourselves to providing better products at a lower price and in a short time.

What does the KSS logo signify?

Manufacturing Division/h3>
  • Knowhow
  • Superquality
  • Safetymotion

Sales Division

  • Kindness
  • Speed
  • Service

The letter KSS extend out from the triangular logo, symbolizing our constant technological breakthroughs. The green corporate color signifies a business that is youthful, bright, and active.

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