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History of KSS

Jun,1964 Established Nippon Seiki Seisakusho in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
Jul,1968 Moved factory to Yaguchi, Ota-ku (present headquarters location).
Mar,1978 Moved headquarters to present location and changed company name to Shinohara Seisakusho.
Started mass-producing Precision Miniature Ball Screws.
Feb,1983 Started Selling Ball Screws Standard Products.
Jul,1984 Built Ojiya Factory in Industrial Park 1 in Ojiya, Niigata, to integrate production bases and strengthen mass-production system.
Jan,1987 Changed company name to KSS Co., Ltd.
Jul,1988 Completed 1st extension to Ojiya Factory.
Dec,1989 Mr. Yoshifumi Ota assumed office as Representative Director.
Aug,1990 Built headquarters building at present location.
Jan,1995 Joined Technical Committee of Ultra Precision Positioning,the Japan Society for Precision Engineering. Opened Tokyo Office on headquarters premises.
Mar,1995 Jointly developed "Bearee" resin lead screws with NTN Engineering Plastics Corporation.
Sep,1996 Completed 2nd extension to Ojiya Factory.
Initiated academic/industrial research collaboration (with Otsuka Lab, Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology, and Kyusojin Lab, Nagaoka University of Technology).
Dec,1999 Ojiya Factory obtained ISO9002 certification
Jan,2000 Actuators released (KUMI Series).
Oct,2000 Completed 3rd extension to Ojiya Factory.
Sep,2001 Direct Motor Drive Ball Screws released (MoBo Series).
Nov,2001 Developed world's smallest Ball Screw (with Screw Shaft diameter of 1.8mm and Lead of 0.5mm).
Dec,2001 Resin Lead Screws released.
Feb,2002 0.5mm lead Ball Screw series released.
Mar,2002 Ojiya Factory obtained ISO9001 certification for 2000.
Sep,2004 "MoBo"(Direct Motor Drive Ball Screw) USA Patent(No.6791220)qualified.
Oct,2004 Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake, Ojiya Factory restarted production promptly.
Dec,2004 "MoBo"(Direct Motor Drive Ball Screw) Korea Patent(No.10-2002-0027825)qualified.
Mar,2005 Ojiya Factory obtained ISO14001 certification.
Apr,2005 KSS Grease “MSG” for Miniature Ball Screws released.
Oct,2005 Completed 4th extension to Ojiya Factory.
Mar,2006 Akihisa Ota inaugurated as a president & Representative Director.
(Yoshifumi Ota inaugurated as Chairman)
Jul,2006 KSS Standard Ball Screws and Related Products conformed to RoHS Directive.
Sep,2006 Released New Product in MoBo Series.(Si-MoBo).
Sep,2007 Opened Shanghai office in China.
Jan,2008 Stainless Rolled Ball Screws released.
Jun,2008 KSS selected top 300 companies of the most active medium and small sized enterprise.
Jan,2009 Rolled Ball Screws with integrated end-journal released.
May,2009 Direct Motor Drive Rolled Ball Screws (Rolled MoBo) released.
May,2010 Ball Screw with Ball Spline released.
Jan,2011 Miniature Actuator(Flex Actuator) released.
Nov.2011 23th Excellent Award of New Product & New technology of Medium sized Company in Ota Ward, Tokyo JAPAN. New Product awarded : Miniature Ball Screw with Ball Spline(BSSP)
Apr.2012 Direct Drive Actuator(DDA) released.
Jan.2020 Ojiya Factory obtained ISO13485 certification for 2016.
Mar,2022 Takahisa Ota inaugurated as a president & Representative Director.
(Akihisa Ota inaugurated as Chairman & Representative Director)

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