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Message from the president


代表取締役社長  太田晶久

Thank you for using KSS products.

Since the establishment of our company in 1960, we have accumulated much production Know-How, and launched various products to the industrial field, such as mainly Miniature Ball Screws, Direct Motor Drive Ball Screws, and Miniature Actuators.
And now, as a pioneer of manufacturer of Miniature Ball Screws, we have been making KSS brand world-wide.We are confident that such developments have resulted from our diligence in the field of ultra precision technology, which has fulfilled the needs of society.

We are going to listen to the demand from the customers, and to focus on the development of new products and the improvement of production technology to meet the customer request as possible as we can.
Our goal is mutual prosperity with all of our shareholders, customers, and cooperators and also to become a "Small but brilliant company","Only one company rather than Number one".

Management policy

We will continually strive to our global community by enthusiastically committing ourselves to providing a better product at a lower price and in a short time.

Mission Statement

  • We will endeavor to improve and to contribute to the welfare of humanity with our sincere commitment to the best product and service, and innovate technology in a wide range of fields.
  • We will be committed to an ongoing process to develop our employee’s skills, ability, and to increase our employee’s standard of living. This realization will develop our company and the success of all our employees and better our community.
  • We will aim to achieve mutual prosperity with our shareholders, business partners, and all parties involved with our endeavors.
  • We firmly believe being a good company, instead of a strong company.

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