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To meet the customer’s requirement,Our goal is“Only one unique company, rather than Number one”!!

Thank you for using KSS products.

Our company was established in 1960, and we started manufacturing Precision Lead Screws in 1970s with own established polishing technology for gauge manufacturing. Then, we were succeeded in developing Precision Miniature Ball Screws based on that technology and we have been selling them since 1978.
On that time being, most of Ball Screws were fully customized one upon order, but on 1983, we have launched standard stock products series at first in the industry, and, we could gain favorable reviews from customers.
The development of KSS Ball Screws was achieved through our try &anp; errors in decades to meet customers’ (manufacturers of semi-conductor manufacturing machines) requirements. Based on these experiences we have earned stable ability to supply and produce Ball Screws. The way and approach in our products development have been walked along with a progress of semiconductor industrial history, such as Vacuum tube in 1930, semiconductor device invention in 1940 and practical use of IC in 1970s

We are dedicated to improving our technology and developing a variety of Ball Screws and unit products to meet customers’ requirements from their perspective. Moreover, we have been expanding KSS brand worldwide as a pioneer of Miniature Ball Screw manufacturer.
Our goals are; mutual growth with all of our stakeholders, as shareholders, customers, cooperators, and, employees, & to become a “Small but Excellent company” and “Only one unique company rather than Number one”.It has been a pleasure doing business with you and we appreciate for your continued support.

KSS Co., Ltd.
President & Representative Director: Takahisa Ota

Management policy

We will continually strive to our global community by enthusiastically committing ourselves to providing a better product at a lower price and in a short time.

Mission Statement

  • We will endeavor to improve and to contribute to the welfare of humanity with our sincere commitment to the best product and service, and innovate technology in a wide range of fields.
  • We will be committed to an ongoing process to develop our employee’s skills, ability, and to increase our employee’s standard of living. This realization will develop our company and the success of all our employees and better our community.
  • We will aim to achieve mutual prosperity with our shareholders, business partners, and all parties involved with our endeavors.
  • We firmly believe being a good company, instead of a strong company.

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