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Environmental policy

Scope of Registration :The design, development, manufacture of Precision Ball Screws, Precision Lead Screws and Units.
Applicable Standard  :ISO14001:2015
Date of Registration :March,11, 2005
March,11, 2005 :March,11, 2017
Term of Validity :March,10, 2020
Registration Certificate No. :JQA-EM4583
Organization approved :Ojiya Plant of KSS Co.,Ltd.

Environmental policy of KSS Co., Ltd. Ojiya Plant

[Basic Philosophy]

KSS Co.,Ltd. Ojiya Plant recognize keeping environment is one of the most important matters for human beings. Aiming at the environmental pollution reduction and construction of a recycling society, preservation of earth environment has been practiced by activity of all the member participation.

[Action Policy]

Ojiya Plant is located in center part of Niigata Prefecture where is “Shinano River” that surrounded by rich natural environment. We have been manufacturing Precision Ball Screws for semiconductor production equipment, medical machines and units which create social welfare etc.
In promoting manufacture and sale products, we strive for the basis of the following plans, and environmental preservation that the burden to the environment.

  • We recognize how our business activities, products and services of Ojiya Plant affect the environment, and set the purpose and target that our plant can attain, and execute environment preservation activity.Among the items of our plant that affect environment, we pick up followings as important themes.

    1.Product design which is considered environment.
    Saving of material resources and preventing of contamination.
    2.Reduction of electricity, water, etc.
    Preventing the earth from becoming warmer.
    3.Reduction of papers.
    Saving and recycling of material resources.
    4.Reduction and separation of waste products.
    Saving and recycling of material resources.

  • We continue to improve environment management system and environment performance. Also, we establish our practicable operation standard and try to prevent environment pollution.
  • We keep the environment related laws, regulations and also other requirements that were agreed to by Ojiya Plant.
  • We set our goal and target concretely to accomplish the environmental improvement effectively.
  • We keep document of Environment Policy and execute.
  • We study and train people who work for Ojiya Plant about the environmental issue to prepare to serve the society with the recognition of our roles and responsibilities.
  • Our Environment Policy is possible to present to people in public.

April 20, 2005

KSS Co., Ltd. Ojiya Plant
Director, Manager of Ojiya Plant. Yuzuru Yamanashi

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