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Corporate Information-Environmental policy

Environmental policy

Scope of Registration :The design, development, manufacture of Precision Ball Screws, Precision Lead Screws and Units.
Applicable Standard  :ISO14001:2015
Date of Registration :March,11, 2005
Date of Renewal :March,11, 2023
Term of Validity :March,10, 2026
Registration Certificate No. :JQA-EM4583
Organization approved :Ojiya Plant of KSS Co.,Ltd.

Environmental policy

At Ojiya Plant, in our efforts to supply precision positioning parts, all employees commit to participate in activities to continuously reduce the burden on the environment to build a sustainable society that inherits a rich natural environment.

    1. Environmentally friendly product design
     -> Resource conservation and preventing pollution
    2.Reducing consumption of electricity, water, etc.
     -> Promotion of Global Warming Prevention
    3. Improving productivity
     -> Promoting energy conservation.
    4.Thorough reduction and separation amount of waste
     -> Resource conservation and promoting of reuse
    5.Compliance with relevant legal requirements

Feb. 27, 2024

KSS Co., Ltd. Ojiya Plant
Director, Manager of Ojiya Plant. Hiroki Odaira

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