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Lead Screws with plastic Nuts

The products in this series incorporate lubricating agent, so they can be used without oiling. The Shaft is manufactured from SUS304 or SUS303 (stainless steel), which gives excellent corrosion resistance. Wide range of combination of Shaft dia. and Lead are available. MRH material is standard in stock, but Nut material can be changed to order based on the environment. Selecting backlash free type, Axial play can be zero.

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Lead Screws with plastic Nuts

Standard Products

To meet customer's request of quick delivery, KSS has specified model type in stock.

*MRH-A,B series

lead screw with plastic nuts MRH-A,B series

A Polyamide type Resin with good sliding properties is employed in the standard MRH Nut material. And it can be used without oiling, because lubricating agent is incorporated in the material. Better sliding properties can be obtained with lubrication.

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Customized Products

In order to meet the needs of customer's requested design, we offer customized products.
To reduce design process at customer, each Nut type is standardized.

*MRH-BP2 series

lead screw with plastic nut MRH-BP2 series

A Polyamide type Resin with good sliding properties is employed. Backlash free construction made possible with Double Nuts and a Spring in between. Preload amount can be adjusted by changing Spring specifications.

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*R-MSS (Y) series, NTN Engineering plastics Corp. products


lead screw with plastic nut R-MSSシリーズ

>Corresponding to a wide range of environment and having corrosion resistance, heat resistance. High Lead types (3times as diameter) are available.

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Please ask KSS about the Nut profile and dimension other than the above.

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