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Q&A Ball Screws

  1. What is the Ball Screw?
  2. Is there any Standard of Ball Screws in JIS or ISO? What kinds of items are prescribed?
  3. What kind of re-circulation systems are there in Ball Screws?
  4. What kinds of accuracy grade are there in Ball Screws?
  5. Tell us about the Lead accuracy of Ball Screws.
  6. Are there any tolerances or prescriptions of Ball Screw mounting accuracy?
  7. What kind of label or marking on Ball Screws?
  8. What kind of items does KSS inspect for Ball Screw at shipping? Is Inspection Report attached?
  9. Tell us about the material and Heat treatment of Ball Screws.
  10. Is there any restriction on size or length of Ball Screws?
  11. What is the "Direct (Forward) operation" or "Reverse (backward) operation" of Ball Screws?
    What is the "Forward efficiency" or "Backward efficiency" ?
  12. Can KSS calculate the Forward efficiency or Backward efficiency?
  13. What is the definition of Life of Ball Screws? Is the Ball Screw Life predictable?
  14. Can we use Ball Screws under the Axial load equal to Basic Dynamic Load Rating Ca?
  15. How can we use Basic Static Load Rating, Coa?
  16. Is an Axial play the same as backlash?
  17. Is there any way to remove Axial play?
  18. It is said that Preload can increase Rigidity. Can KSS calculate theoretical Static Rigidity?
  19. What is the Spacer Ball?
  20. How can KSS control or check the Preload?
  21. There is a terminology called "Preload Dynamic Drag Torque".
    Is it any different from "Torque", which is generally used?
  22. Is there any reason, we feel a little bit heavy, when Ball Screw starts to move?
  23. Do Ball Screws have critical speed?
  24. Tell us about dn value.
  25. Are Ball Screws usable, right after unpacking?

Q&A Lead Screws

  1. Tell us the difference between Lead Screws and Ball Screws.
  2. What is the advantage of Lead Screws compared to Ball screws?
  3. Is there any attention to be paid when we choose material of Lead Screw?
  4. What are the features of KSS Lead Screws? What kind of variations of Lead Screws can KSS produce?
  5. Can KSS predict the Basic Rating Life of Lead Screws?
  6. Is the Lubrication necessary for Lead Screws?

Q&A Lead Screws with plastic Nuts (Resin Lead Screws)

  1. What is the FV value related to Resin Lead Screws?
  2. What is the Relative velocity of Screw surface related to FV value of Resin Lead Screws?
    Is there any difference from velocity?
  3. Can KSS predict the Basic Rating Life of Resin Lead Screws?

Q&A VZθ(theta) Actuator

  1. What is the "V-Z-θ Actuator"?
  2. What kind of V-Z-θ Actuators does KSS have?
  3. How to select three(3) types of V-Z-θ Actuator effectively?
  4. Tell us the structure of V-Z-θ Actuators.
  5. What is "Ball Screw with Ball Spline (BSSP)" built in the V-Z-θ Actuator?
  6. Please let me know the principle of operation for V-Z-θ Actuator!
  7. In what areas of industries are V-Z-θ Actuators used?
  8. How much weight can V-Z-θ Actuator lift?
  9. Tell us the detail about "Inertia for rotary direction/Moment of Inertia" in the Specifications.
  10. Please let me know the connection between Hollow Motor and driver.
  11. Does any Motor can be integrated with KSS Belt-Drive type V-Z-θ Actuator?
  12. Can we identify the cables which are out from the Actuator?
  13. Are there any prevention measures for the Shaft free-fall?
  14. Is it possible to be integrated with Encoder Motor?
  15. Is it possible to be integrated with electro-magnetic brake Motor?
  16. Does V-Z-θ Actuator can be used in the clean room environment?
  17. Is it possible to extend the travel for V-Z-θ Actuator?
  18. Is it possible to change the lead of V-Z-θ Actuator?
  19. What does it mean of "Reduction ratio is 1/2" for Hybrid type and Belt Drive type Actuator?
  20. Does V-Z-θ Actuator has any orders to return to home position?

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