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Special requirement

KSS makes full use of our production and technical know-how and manufactures products with special specifications to meet customer's request.

■Miniature Ball Screw

Miniature Ball Screw

World's top class technology of making the smallest Ball Screw with 1.8mm shaft dia. and 0.5mmlead.

■Plastic Ball Screws

Plastic Ball Screws

KSS manufactures Ball Screws using several materials, because there are special environment where current steel cannot be adapted to. Plastic Ball Screws can be used under light load condition.

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■Black Chrome coating (BCr)

Black Chrome coating (BCr)

Black Chrome coating (conform to RoHS regulation) on Shaft and Nut surface can be possible for the purpose of rust prevention. High anti-rust ability is possible because of firmly and uniformly stick on surface. Other surface treatment can be provided.

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■Ball Screws with trunnion

Ball Screws with trunnion

Ball Screws with trunnion on the Nut outer are also available.

■X-Y stage

X-Y stage

This is the X-Y combination of KSS MoBo Actuators as customized products. Photo left is an example of using Slider type of MoBo Actuators.

■Pen type Actuators

Pen type Actuators

This is the pen type Actuators with the smallest Ball Screw, 1.8mm of Shaft diameter, built in.

■Small sized stage

Small sized stage

This is the table style small stage with the smallest Ball Screw, 1.8mm diameter and 0.5mm Lead, installed.

Please ask KSS representative about special requirement other than the above.

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