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Electric Gripper

Lightweight and compact Electric Gripper that uses the world’s smallest KSS Bi-directional Ball Screw in it. Features high accuracy gripping force, positioning, and speed control that can only be achieved with an electric type.It is delicate enough to handle fragile items.

Linear Actuator / Electric Cylinder

Standard Products

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Compact Electric Gripper (CGS series)

linear actuator captive ar

With a built in Ball Screw, it features an ultra-compact design of only W62mm X H170mm (including the finger) X D25mm. Multi-point positioning, gripping-force control, centering, and dimensional measuring are possible with Servo Driver D6180(Sold separately).
It is designed to optimize the internal configuration and reduce the risk of Grease dripping.

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Gripper with Rotary Module(RG Series)

Gripper with Rotary Module(RG Series)

This unit is able to perform rotating and gripping functions by combining a hollow motor with an encoder and the Electric Gripper.Different functions such as inverting or rotating the workpiece are easily achieved depending on the mounting posture of the Gripper.


Servo Driver D6180

linear actuator non-captive cl

This is the recommended Driver for KSS Electric Gripper, CGS series. The soft-touch function and the measuring-functions are possible with this Driver D6180. This product uses serial communication method.

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